Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing new water sports. Kiteboarding is the infusion of multiple other sports such as kiteflying, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. This fascinating combination realizes mans eternal dream of flying. Specially designed large power kites propel their pilots across the water on kite boards. With Kiteboarding, it is possible to get insane air! Experienced pilots are getting 20 to 40 feet of air and performing amazing aerials.

About PASA

Kiteboarding can also be a year-round sport. In summer, you can enjoy flight off waves or flat water and in the winter, you can carve through the snow. Kiteboarding is easy to learn and loads of fun, take yourself to the limits!

As with any dangerous and physically demanding extreme sport, we always recommend taking lessons from a PASA professional and certified instructor. Be sure to check out our PASA approved schools and PASA certified instructors!

Kiteboarding has many attractive benefits to offer. It is very portable, affordable, it is possible to do in lower winds, and you can learn to launch huge air even off flat water! Kiteboarding is the wildest new water sport!

At Professional Air Sports, we are dedicated to teaching and promoting this exciting new sport in a manner that is professional, safe, and fun!

We accomplish this in many ways:

We work with kiteboarding associations, schools, manufacturers, and organizations to help establish widely accepted standards of instruction for schools. We promote PASA approved kiteboarding schools that have accepted our guidelines and passed our PASA certification course. Find a PASA certified school on our website so you know you are getting quality instruction! Learn to kiteboard at one of our PASA approved training centers and schools! We hold Kiteboarding Instructor Certification Programs to train instructors. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, check this site for the next available dates!

We work with a large insurance company to offer schools and instructors insurance coverage. You may only obtain insurance after taking a PASA instructor certification program and also joining PASA as a professional member. You will be expected to adhere to the PASA standards of excellence.